We have a wide variety of different game related merchandise which has been designed in readiness for crowdfunding launches on Kickstarter and Indiegogo

To the right is the lead game designer Andrew, sporting an AtumRa long sleeve shirt and one of the ‘There is Always A Solution‘ exclusive AtumRa mugs.

Keep an eye out for our periodic merchandise give away competitions

We have several stylish high quality shirts and tee-shirts with images, logos and tag lines from the game

Very useful for writing down clues to puzzles and other mysteries

Have a sip of your favourite beverage while you’re diving head first into AtumRa’s puzzles and deep and complex story.

You will almost certainly need the pen to take notes about the ever changing game challenges.

The AtumRa Full Merch Bundle

Whether you are searching for the next clue or racing to exit before reality fractures.

Do it in style, wearing a Tee-shirt, taking notes with a pen, drinking from a china mug and ….

Using the high quality exclusive AtumRa mouse mat.

Our high res game art posters show off the above and below areas of the game in a snazzy design to make your wall look both cool and mysterious.

Is there a clue in the complex design of the mouse mat?

No honestly is there? Did we put one on the mat……as well?

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