AtumRa is a game set in multiple planes of existence. 

It links ancient and modern cultures.

The domains of the living and the dead.

 The stories of Gods and Men.

Stretching over time and space.

The Player must literally

“Save the Fabric of Reality from imploding”

This will occur when all the planes of reality are forced to merge together which, it is believed, will spell the end of everything.

The end of Gods and of Men.

The end of space as we know it and the very end of time.

“Some also believe all will become immortal when and if this event occurs”.

“Some are delusional!”

Akira, the first protagonist of the game, is a young woman trying to survive on the mean streets of Cairo in the near future. She grew up in an orphanage with a young boy, whom she was always told was her younger brother, Babu.

When she was forced to leave the orphanage, Babu left with her. For a few years they eked out living on the edge of society, in the dangerous Cairo undercity, developing the skills necessary to survive.

That way of life came to a dramatic end one dark night when several robed figures broke into the derelict building they called home and abducted Babu, knocking Akira unconscious in the process.

So starts an epic journey both to rescue Babu and find out what is behind these mysterious events, including who abducted Babu. and why.

Akira must to explore and overcome multiple layers of secrets and mysteries, discovering that the world she knows is only the very tip of the pyramid of reality, not least is the fact that there is something very special about her and her brother.

Every story starts with a first step and that first step takes Akira to the ancient pyramid of Menkaure, located on the Giza plateau, just outside Cairo.

It’s game on and the player as Akira must solve the puzzles and find alternative ways to chase the cultists, rescue Babu and stop their seemingly nefarious plans.

The player will encounter gods, mortals and other entities as they travel through the real world and the various planes of ancient mythology on their quest. Many of these entities will join the players, adding unique skills and abilities to Akira’s growing team by adding their souls to the bank of resources needed to overcome the challenges ahead.

 The game progresses through linked planes of existence that influence each other, such that what occurs in one plane affects the other; As Above, So Below .

Thus, the player must switch roles between their many characters to achieve multiple points of action in diverse levels and locations; switching between the characters and also switching their souls. Thus, the player acquires skills to overcome a series of increasingly interesting and complex challenges.

As well as the main story paths there are many side quests and secret puzzles and areas. This is underpinned by an extensive collectables and skill system that awards the player with achievements and accolades that only the mighty few will have the ability to obtain.

Switch between first or third person perspectives with the normal set of movement and physical controls and a wide range of special controls to activate the skills and abilities of the various characters.

It is possible to control multiple characters and switch between them to obtain and transfer their powers and abilities, swapping and later combining them with Akira’s own abilities.

The player undertakes several activities to progress through the game 

*Solve local puzzles and minigames* 

by interacting with the graphically and audially rich environment

*Solve level and game wide mysteries and puzzles* 

to discover the secrets of the game universe and progress

*Enacts feats of skill*  

in jumping and interacting with the environment in various ways

*Collecting artefacts of various types* 

which imbue various powers and progression abilities such as opening doors and activating altars etc.

*Encountering and reacting to various characters*

monsters and entities to recruit them or overcome them in order to progress

*Interact with the world and various items* 

within it via physics and destructible components. Most things too large to fit in your backpack can be carried, thrown or used to break other objects

There are many features and bonuses in the game design that make it much more then just and an adventure puzzle game, including:-

Unique Puzzle Engine and Story Path Randomiser

In the game design we wanted to make the game such that you couldn’t just watch a walkthrough to solve the game. Thus, we have designed a unique ‘puzzle engine’ that randomises the order and function of the challenges, making each play through different and unique.

Character Customisations

A character customizer allowing both aesthetic and functional changes to be made to both the existing characters and any new ones the player wishes to create. The characters are the tools of the game and this gives them the ability to design their own tools and share them with others.

Level and Puzzle Designer

The puzzle engine used to randomise the game will be made available to players, who can design their own levels and puzzle paths. These player made designs will then be able to be shared with other players.

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